The Unknown Traveller

I’m having this obsession of always trying to create a relation between two or more objects.
The installation is composed of two slide projectors that are programmed to switch slide automatically by fading in and fading out, each other on different time period and rhythm.
About 4000 slides were bought online from a private owner and the work consisted of assembling and transforming them to create a narration on the question: what does make you feel when you travel?
The meaning of travelling here means to escape from a certain reality, and to avoid being in an already known landscape which makes a parallel with an experimental artistic work process.
The installation comes with a sound track with waveforms oscillating that are modulated over time. The sound creates an atmospheric feeling and place the spectator into a sub space in order to alter the perceptions of the pictures and to let him build its own story.

Installation view, Espace Solvay, Brussels (2014)

Year of production: 2014
Duration: 08:00
Format: 2 slides projectors, program, stereo audio

Scan of slide012
Scan of slide045
Scan of slide031