1 CRT Monitor (dims 50x43x48cm)
1 RaspberryPi
1 Video file .m2v, 720x576px, 60min, loop 

Trailer 1.0

TE-LE-VI-SION, created in 2021 by Damien Lemaître, is a visual object accompanying an installation and audiovisual performance. This object is also lent on the occasion of DJ-sets. It is a project which is adapted in time according to the context and the artist’s desires.
To date, there are 8 parts, for a duration of about 60 minutes. The rhythm of the images and the movement fluctuates on 120 BPM, leaving blacks between each part. The content evolves between generative forms designed with algorithms, and videos of transformed landscapes including effects of erasure and recomposition.

Extract from the first edit.
Spectogram visual connected to sound input.
Custom installation, 2022. Music: Damien Lemaître