Parallax 2.0

Live Performance, Antidote, Brussels (24.09.2022)

This is an example for an artistic installation using a custom build Bark scale* audio analyser created with Max/MSP/Jitter. This setup is using an old CRT television synchronised to a high definition projected image, immersing the audience in an audio reactive video installation.

Bark Scale and CRT output (snapshot from Max/MSP/Jitter)

A sound card is capturing the sound of the mixer. This sound signal is split in three frequency bands and then analysed to be converted in numbers. If the level reaches a certain point, effects such as mouvement, colour and displacement will be excited depending on the frequency spectrum.

Purple points: low frequencies
Cyan line strip:
band pass frequencies
Yellow quad grid:
high frequencies

Parralax2.0 Trailer, CRT visual inside HD projected image.

In this ongoing project a parallax effect is generated: both elements, the CRT monitor and the projected image, move and transform at different speeds creating a three dimensional space evolving in time and reacting to the music input.

iPad controls for Live Performance (snapshot from Max/MSP/Jitter)

* The Bark scale is a psychoacoustical scale proposed by Eberhard Swicker in 1961.